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From Rags to Riches

Success Tail: BB

Little “Latte,” now affectionately called “BB,” was a Hurricane Irma evacuee.  In September 2017 he arrived at PWHS with 15 other cats and kittens, all needing medical attention.  You wouldn’t know it now but BB was so sick.  Between antibiotics and eye and ear medications BB slowly began to recover thanks to the love and devotion of his foster mom.  But BB still needed round the clock, intense care. There were a few big scares along the way but they made it through.

BB had such a fighting little spirit and his fosters fell in love with this little guy immediately and decided to join the “foster fail” club! BB quickly became a permanent part of the family on 26 October 2017 and there was absolutely no way he was coming back to the adopt shop.

His daily antics keep his family laughing and on their toes. In true cat fashion, BB loves to explore any and all open places: boxes, bags, cabinets, the dryer, and microwave are all “fair game.” He is the sweetest cat, who just loves everybody and they love him back. But most of all, BB loves his human family. He is ALWAYS ready for lovin’ cuddles and for this little guy, his family has an endless supply!