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Success Tails are stories of our sweet pets that have finally found their forever home. Please check back often for more stories and please sign up below if you would like to help make a difference in a pet's life.



Galvin, now affectionately called Milo, had a rough start in the adoption process. Hard to believe this handsome pet was an owner surrender but it happened. Milo was adopted relatively quickly after coming to the adopt shop, but it didn’t work out to no fault of his own. But, although initially disappointing, this turned out to be the best thing for Milo because he found his true mom.
Milo’s been very courageous on his journey since finding his furever home in August 2017. When he met his mom, Stacy, he knew she was the one. They bonded immediately but Stacy took her time before making the final decision to take Milo home. Stacy came to the shop multiple times, spending at least two hours each time with Milo. She’d walk him, sit and talk with him, and gently pet him to give him the assurance he needed to trust. Milo is still timid in some situations, but nothing compared to when he first went home.
Milo’s come out of his shell quite a bit and has started trusting people more. He loves saying hi to people but is still hesitant to let strangers pet him. Going to the park always gets Milo excited. His mom plans to enroll him in swimming classes during the summer because he seems to like the water. Milo very much enjoys “sharing” our human food with his new family and mom loves him very much. Stacy says “the more he opens up the goofier he becomes. Quite a silly dog with a lot of energy.”


Moonie had quite a few adopters after him. This little guy lost his father and was so scared and uncertain but then Courtney and her family came to the rescue…. literally! We were worried about the state of depression Moonie was in so to know he was going into the home of such loving people warmed our hearts.
His family loves him! Moonie is doing so well - he loves going on walks and being outside. Moonie will wag his tail the entire walk! He is the defender of the house patrolling the backyard and playing with his sibling canine, Sammie. Moonie and Sammie have become the best of friends and they both so happy to run and play with each other all day!
Moonie is one big ball of happy energy!! Moonie and Sammie will curl up next to each other on the couch as well as sleep close by at night. He is a super snuggly dog and most happy to curl up next to you and get scratched. Moonie also loves to chew bones and play with toys! Moonie’s human siblings love having him, and he gets lots of love and hugs from them!
This awesome pup found his home in December 2017.