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Warrior buddies program

Bringing Unconditional Love to Our Nation's Heroes

The Prince William Humane Society (PWHS) Warrior Buddies Program is designed to improve the morale and welfare of our veterans and their families by bringing them unconditional love and companionship in the form of adoptable shelter pets. This program has two separate components to help us accomplish this goal.

The Wounded Heroes Free Adoption Program works with wounded service members whose case workers feel that a service/assistance dog would be of benefit in their therapy and recovery. The clinic case worker refers the service member to our program and after an interview process, our trainers screen the dogs at local shelters to find the perfect service/assistance dog. Our professional and certified trainers work exclusively with the team training the dog to the specific needs of the individual - assuring a cohesive bond between the two. The adoptions are free to qualified participants and include the adoption fee, spay/neuter, all vaccinations, a wellness check, a microchip and training.

After learning about the demand for service dogs for our injured troops returning home and the excessive cost and wait time involved in this process, we decided that Prince William County’s proximity to Quantico Marine Base and Fort Belvoir Military Hospital would be a perfect fit to establish a program for wounded veterans. We created a program designed to help speed up the process, save the lives of homeless shelter pets, while doing so at no cost to participants. Through a coalition with local shelters, professional dog trainers, military bases and medical facilities, we now have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of military service members and wonderful, adoptable shelter pets.

Participants in similar programs point out “medications help in recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but they are not the whole solution; animals can do what drugs cannot by playing an active therapeutic role in a veteran’s recovery, offering the sort of non-judgmental love and unconditional support that the mending combat heroes need.”

This program has proven to be a mutually beneficial one. Our nation’s heroes are provided with a loving companion for healing, but they in turn give our animals what they need most in the world: a home where they will be appreciated for who they are and finally receive the love they so deserve.

The second component of the Program is the Warrior Buddies Military Family Adoption Program. The Prince William Humane Society believes that military families also deserve the love and companionship only pets can provide. So we offer military family adoptions at half price for any homeless pet in the Prince William County Animal Shelter.

Both of these programs are available due to a generous community whose donations and efforts are offered out of love and respect for our troops and our homeless pets looking for a forever home and someone to share their love! We are thrilled to report that as of December 2017, we have placed 408 homeless dogs and cats with military families and created 19 service dog teams.

If you know anyone who would benefit from our Warrior Buddies Program, please contact the Prince William Humane Society for additional information.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of countless pets. Without your donations, gifts and support this wouldn't be possible. Please be sure to read some of the success stories of the pets below.

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How your gifts have changed the lives of these sweet pets

Warrior Story: Patrick Smyth & Kona

We would like to you to meet Patrick Smyth and his Warrior Buddy, Kona. Patrick was referred to the Warrior Buddies Adoption Program after suffering a traumatic brain injury and PTSD from a roadside bombing in Afghanistan in 2012. Kona had been mistreated and caged up for the first nine months of his life and desperately in need of love.

After our program introduce the two, it was love and first sight. Kona acted like he had known Patrick forever. Patrick says “It was like a spark happened and then blazed into a roaring fire.” The two are finishing their training and will soon be a full-time working service team.

If you could use a Warrior Buddy, or know someone who could, please email:
with the subject line:
"Warrior Buddies"