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about the p.a.w.s. fund

Poor Animals Welfare and Surgical Fund

Since the P.A.W.S Fund was formed, Prince William County Animal Shelter has asked for a lot of help, and thanks to your donations PWHS has been able to answer their calls. We have paid more than $27,000 for medications, preventative treatments and Feline FIV/FeLV test kits just to keep the homeless pets at the Shelter healthy and ready for adoption. You also answered our cries for help when we got the calls to help 30 sick and injured dogs and cats including:

  • Dexter, the puppy who was thrown from as second floor balcony breaking his leg in 4 places.
  • Sparkle, a beautiful puppy brought in as a stray with a broken leg.
  • Ruby, a stray with a fractured cheekbone.
  • Romeo, who needed his leg amputated.
  • Sparky, the cat with a huge tumor on her leg.
  • Blu, with a prolapsed uterus.

We are happy to say that all of them found forever homes and are doing wonderfully. As can be imagined, there is a constant request for help from our P.A.W.S. Fund and thanks to you, our very generous donors, we have been able to do exactly what we had hoped when we created this fund…SAVE LIVES.





Thank you for making a difference in the lives of countless pets. Without your donations, gifts and support this wouldn't be possible. Please be sure to read some of the success stories of the pets below.

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How your gifts have changed the lives of these sweet pets

Jack Frost

Emaciated and near death, Jack Frost was brought to the PWC Animal Shelter and they immediately called PW Humane Society for help. He was rushed to Minnieville Animal Hospital for x-rays and emergency surgery only to find the culprit was a squeaker from a dog toy lodged in his intestines.
Without such quick action by Shelter personnel, he could easily have died. The Vet bills exceeded $1000. Thanks to the P.A.W.S. fund, Jack's life was saved and he was able to find his forever home.


It was a cold winter evening when a concerned citizen found a beautiful young pit bull wandering the streets in a great deal of pain with her internal organs bulging from her behind. This wonderful person first took her to Minnieville Animal Hospital where she paid for an exam and pain killers to get her through the night and then surrendered her to the Animal Shelter the next morning. The Shelter immediately requested help for this poor girl who was obviously suffering and we accepted responsibility for her care and treatment through the PAWS Fund.
he kind and compassionate staff at Minnieville cared for this shy, beautiful and loving girl around the clock for a few weeks, while she recovered from her surgery. But all the while her foster mom (a staff member at Minnieville) was falling hopelessly in love with her. She named her China and welcomed her into her home. China is now pain free and has a loving family and a warm bed to call her own. We are so excited for you China!