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Meet Aspen

Our sweet little girl Aspen was brought to PWHS, as an owner surrender. Upon arriving, Pet Care Staff quickly realized Aspen was not responding and was possibly deaf. Immediately heads came together to figure out the best plan of action for Aspen. The first step was taking Aspen to the vet, where they determined she was mostly deaf. Secondly, they set out to find the right trainer for a special needs pup, such as Aspen. Training classes have begun so that all Pet Care Staff and Aspen remain on the same page as far as "sign communication/training" is concerned. Aspen is not available for adoption until the trainer determines her readiness. The lucky family that ends up adopting Aspen, must be committed to continuing taking training classes with Aspen. Be sure to stay tuned, as we update you on her success!

Aspen's  case is not unique and the PAWS Fund is always there for these poor injured and sick animals. But we can’t do it without you. Won’t you please help us help more animals, like Aspen?

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