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Q:    Where can I surrender my pet?

         You can surrender to the Prince William County Animal Shelter. Please contact them at 703-792-6465

Q:    Where can I get my pet spayed/neutered?

         Anicira Veterinary Center | 571-208-0199 |
         Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic | Best to contact on Facebook Messenger

Q:    Where can I file a complaint for animal abuse?

        Contact Prince William County Animal Control | 703- Please contact Animal Control to make a complaint at                                       703-792-6500
        Contact your County Supervisor! They need to know what’s happening too. Click the link to find out who your
        re presentative is —…/…/Pages/BOCS-Landing-Page.aspx

Q:    What are our adoption fees?

         Puppy (6 months or younger) – $315.00
         Kitten (6 months or younger) – $165.00
         Dog (6 months or older) – $215.00
         Cat (6 months or older) – $115.00

         Each adoption includes the pet’s spay/neuter, updated vaccines, microchip and registration fee, and flea/tick
         preventative while they’re here with us

Q:    Do we vaccinate or spay/neuter individual's pets?

         We do not vaccinate or spay/neuter. Please refer to the information for Anicira or Kincheloe above.

Q:    What are the Seniors 4 Seniors adoption requirements?

         A pet over 6 years old can be adopted by an individual over 60 years old for 50% off the regular adoption fee.
         Meaning, $65 for a senior cat and $115 for a senior dog.