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Announcing Prince William Humane Society’s

Volunteer to Foster

Program to Adopt Homeless Pets

This innovative campaign where foster parents are empowered to adopt out their foster dogs & cats directly to new homes.  This program is affectionately known as Couch to Couch Adoptions because the foster pets can go directly from their foster’s home to their new owners home without having to go back to the shelter to fill out applications, pay the adoption fee or anything else. Fosters love this concept and the ability to have control over the adoption process that accompanies it and adopters love getting that firsthand knowledge that the foster parents have gleaned from their foster pets and the ability to take their new pet home immediately.

And, when it comes to finding homes for these pets, people from all walks and stages of life have been successful all around the country. From PTA moms, graduate students, and single women & men to business owners and Veterinary practices, anyone who can smile and talk up their foster pet can be an effective foster parent.  The use of social media and their social networks to gain exposure for their foster pets has proven a tremendous advantage in a successful adoption process.

One of the great things about including everyone in the program is that it works!